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Speed is a more fine-tuned way to tweak cursor speed. Acceleration changes the acceleration ratio the faster you jerk the mouse, the more distance traveled by the cursor. Lastly, you can click Advanced Options… to tweak a few miscellaneous bits, like inverting axes and whether mouse movements should wake up your sleeping Mac.

Here are the most common ways to fix a broken left mouse button. Read More? Check out these fixes for that problem. When the trial ends, the functionality will cease until you purchase a personal license.

Mouse Not Working in macOS? Use these Fixes

BetterTouchTool comes with hundreds of predefined system-level actions e. But if you bind those buttons to their respective three-finger swipe actions, all is well. Not only does it have a more precise slider for setting system-level cursor speed, it also has the ability to change cursor speed whenever you hold down a modifier key. Between System Preferences, USB Overdrive, and BetterTouchTool, you should be well-equipped to customize your mouse settings however you want, down to the nittiest-grittiest details.

Read More , and incorporating Spotlight into your workflow. Which third-party mouse have you decided to go with instead? Got any other tips for us?

1. Check the mouse’s batteries

Share in the comments below! Explore more about: Your email address will not be published. Just got a new iMac with Magic Mouse. There are a number of preference files related to the mouse that could be causing the problem. As a result, you can either try removing one at a time and then seeing if the mouse starts behaving, or you can remove all of them at once, sort of the nuclear option; get rid of all of them, and let your Mac rebuild the preferences.

How to change mouse setting in your Mac® OS X™

To access the hidden folder, you'll first need to make the Library folder visible. There are a couple of ways to do this, which I outline in the guide: The next steps involve removing various preference panes from your Mac. Normally, removing preference panes won't cause a problem, other than resetting the preferences to their default state.

Nevertheless, it's a good idea to make sure you have a current backup of your Mac before proceeding.

  1. Troubleshooting Erratic Mouse & Trackpad Behavior on a Mac by Ditching Input plist Files!
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  3. Keep the jitters away from your Magic Mouse or Magic Trackpad!

Go ahead and make the user library visible, then open the folder named Preferences within the Library folder. Within the Preferences folder, you'll find the preference files listed in the table above.

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If you're having tracking problems with your Magic Mouse, try dragging the two Magic Mouse files to the trash. Likewise, if it's your trackpad causing issues, grab the two files used by the trackpad or Magic Trackpad and drag them to the trash. Once you've put the appropriate preference files in the trash, you'll need to restart your Mac. When your Mac starts back up, it will detect the mouse or trackpad that is connected to the Mac, look for the preference file to load, and discover that the needed files are missing.

Your Mac will then recreate the original default preference files for the pointing device. Mac OS X only. Enables and disables multi-touch gestural input using a Trackpad. See also Enable multi-touch input from the trackpad. When set to use multi-touch gestures, you can operate Maya using your trackpad. Select from the following options. For Mac OS X operating systems:. Interface Menu set This determines which menu set displays in the main menu bar on start up.

Show menu bar Hides or displays the main menu bar Windows and Linux.

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Show panel toolbar Sets whether the Panel toolbar displays, for all panels. Show title bar Hides or displays the title bars in the main window and the Script Editor Windows and Linux. Windows Turn on Remember Size and Position so that Maya restores the size and position of all windows when closed and re-opened. Show icons in menus Turn on Show icons in menus for icons representing the corresponding tools appear next to menu items in the main Maya menus.

Expression Editor Select an Expression Editor for editing text.

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Highlight What's New Highlight what's new in this release Toggles highlighting in the interface. Highlight Color Lets you set a color for the highlighted text and brackets. By default, the highlight color is green. Click the color swatch to edit it or drag the slider next to the swatch to change the selected color's brightness.

Mouse Tracking On Mac OS X, Maya gives you the option of using either a three button mouse, a two button mouse, or a single button mouse. Function Three button Two button One button. For select zoom, hold the corresponding buttons for select zoom and draw a box around the part of the view where you want to dolly in and out.